Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Drawings- 70s

It was my intention while in graduate school that I explore how my drawings could strike a common bond with my paintings. Usually, this is the other way around, where drawing is used for ideation. Instead my paintings served as inspiration for my drawings. With that being noted, I looked for a method of drawing that would produce the same mechanical and somewhat removed of the human touch that my dot paintings characterized. I chose the industrial marker as a drawing instrument for achieving the directness of the mark and the impersonal detachment from manipulating the mark and the surface. The drawing were large in dimension, and I used photographic backdrop paper for the substrate. In this particular work which does not exist any longer, I drew squiggle lines in the center of the workarea and diminished the line to eventually a tiny hatched line at the outer perimiter. Within the square format, I created a line of coinsidence caused by the mark's beginning and abrupt ending leaving a white inner square.

"Inclusive Lineation"
Industrial Marker, 1975
42" x 42"
(drawing no longer exists)