Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Muted Grid- 70s

Muted Grid
48"x72" 1974
Acrylic on Canvas
"Best Painting" Scarab Club Annual
Copyright © Dennis Guastella 1974

This work was completed while I attended graduate school. I previously entered a painting for exhibit at the Detroit Artist Market in Detroit and it was purchased; my first exhibit and my first purchase. Even though my painting "Muted Grid" received an award at the Scarab Club, Detroit, my spirit was uplifted at this accomplishment. This grid painting was my first attempt at abstraction. The randomly extruded dots of acrylic create clusters of form against the "in and out" of the grid caused by dot alignment. I also introduced diagonal alignments of dots which, for the viewer, offer a completely new textural quality depending on what angle they are from the painting.