Monday, December 3, 2007

Stasis- 70s

see detail above

1977, Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 48"
Sheldon Memorial Art Galleries
Lincoln, Nebraska
Copyright © Dennis Guastella 1977

Norman Geske, Director of the Sheldon Memorial Art Galleries, University of Nebraska, juried a national drawing and painting show, and while visiting the South Dakota State University campus where I was on the faculty, he invited me to a solo artist show. This was my first important exhibits where I could feature my collective work. The show was scheduled for June of '78 (I think?).

The university purchased this work, "Stasis" for its permanent collection. This was indeed the most prestigious achievements I have ever experienced and I was thrilled.

For this work, I pushed myself to extrude the smallest dot of paint I could manage. The progression from intensity of color in the center of the painting to a shade of the same color on the outer
parameters of the canvas creates a radial gradient of texture and color. The green line close to the outer edges appears to hover. The compacted dots creates a highly textured surface.