Friday, February 29, 2008

Paintings of the 80s

In this piece, I attempted to explode the surface marking with overlapping zig-zags, straight bands of color pattern, curved lines and an ambiguous layering of visual elements. One stripe of color is intact and from that point on the additions of stripes, bars circles and angular patterned lines twist in and out of the picture plane. The logic of what is in front and what is behind becomes less clear as you study the overall system. I wanted to not only develop a sensation of deep space; I also attempt to present a very shallow space.

A lawyer who consider purchasing one of my works said that this piece would make his clients too nervous in the waiting room. He didn't take into account that his reputation probably was the cause of trepidation. May I note that another lawyer did purchase this piece from an exhibit I participated in at Oakland University and I installed it in her home.

1984, 56" x 56"
Acrylic, silica on Canvas
© Dennis Guastella 1984
Private Collection