Monday, June 23, 2008

Late 80s transformation

Trinity II
1988 48"x48"
Acrylic, silica, beads, twigs on canvas
Received "Best of Show" at the 18th Annual All Michigan Juried Exhibition at the Mt. Clemens Art Center

©Dennis Guastella, 1988

In the late 80s I departed from the carefully designed geometric constructions to a more liberating marking system. While still be concerned about surface and marking, I changed from applying paint via a fine nozzle applicator to a palette knife. Each mark resembled a peanut shell, if you will. Acrylic paint was mixed with silica and gouged into the canvas to produce a raised form. The concentration of marks formed a very textured surface. I dry brushed over the mark and into the grove to explore color variation and shifts of value and hue. In addition, the surface included twigs, plastic beads and other found objects.

The "Trinity" series included works on paper as well as larger canvases. I explored spiritual themes as the triangle makes reference to the Holy Trinity. The relationship between a Godhead and Humanity is metaphorically denoted by contrasts between what lies inside the triangle and what embodies the outer areas. In this painting the twigs are to serve as a reference to Christ's thorns and the shedding of blood. The harmonious inner area contrasts the compartmentalized areas the twigs create- again referencing inner energy and fragmented divisions.

These Trinity works are not religious paintings, so to speak, as they are intended to raise questions about spirituality and a God-centered life.