Sunday, November 30, 2008

Works on Paper, 2007

"Dark Night of the Soul"
Acrylic on Paper, 2007
31" x 40"

So much of my work is mechanical. But, for works on paper, I sometimes explore the gesture. Playing against the compartmentalization of space I gesture the mark for the addition of the human touch- the give and go- the push and pull. In this work the cavity of color alludes to the deep feelings of pain and despair I sometimes enter. The centrality of the darkened area and the vertical format makes reference to the human form. It is my intention to draw the viewer into the complexities of their own inner turmoil- into a deep space. As with my own experiences, I find that there are no sharp edges to the levels of reality- no boundaries- that entering this contemplative state may be gradual at times, thus the blending of outer to inner and the inner to the outer- making it one.