Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 2008

"Copper Vein" Acrylic Collage 46"x48" 2008 Acrylic on Board ©2008 D. Guastella

This painting was completed a few days ago. It represents an ongoing exploration into technique and form. I begin the work by pouring paint on plastic sheeting. When it dries I peel the paint and cut it into forms- in this case, into tiles. The variations of tile size and color formulate unions of shape and color when adhered to the substrate. I particularly promote the modulations of colors, the subtle alignments of color flows within tiles and the irregular "grout" dimensions.

In general, my recent work explores an allusion of rivers, veins, waterfalls as they metaphorically represent the contrast between structure and organic- what is natural and what is imposed.

(detail: Copper Vein)